What is the Sarajet e Gjon Marka Gjonit and what are its aims and goals? 

The Sarajet e Gjon Marka Gjonit was established to rebuild and conserve the historical palaces of the leader of Mirdita, Kapidan Gjon Markagjoni, a palace that has suffered multiple devastations in the last two centuries. Our first and primary goal is to restore this historic palace to its historical sympathy, while at the same time using it as a common link to unite the people of Mirdita. This unity will be achieved through cultural activities, learning seminars, civic and private events. We believe there is something that anyone can benefit from the estate. You can find more information on our goals on our Mission page.

Who owns the property? 

The heirs of Gjon Marka Gjoni own the site where the ruins of the Sarajet are along with the surrounding land, including the pasture which extends out into the Valley.

How will the Sarajet be restored?

Our project will be conservation-led. It is our intention to restore the house to its historical integrity. We will work closely with conservation accredited architects, the historic environment team in Mirdita and knowledgeable historians in the area who can be favorable to how the house might have been displayed in its original features.

What do you plan on doing with the Sarajet when it is finished?

Our primary goal at present is to restore and preserve the fabric of the building. Upon completion, the Sarajet will be open to the public during daytime hours for guided tours about the history of the estate. Future activities and events on the estate will be subject to review. We do expect to hold public, civic and private functions while always maintaining the integrity of the cultural heritage of the property.

Will anyone live in the Sarajet after it is restored?

At present we do not plan the house to be the primary residence of any one individual, but for security purposes we will ensure that someone is either staffed there or otherwise occupying the house at all times.

How will the Sarajet be maintained after it is restored?

We hope to be self sufficient through grants, donations, events and cultural activities.

What will happen with the money you raise in donations? 

All donations will presently be allocated to the restoration of the Sarajet, unless otherwise specified by donors. Donations will always be allocated towards our mission and vision.

How can I visit the Sarajet e Gjon Marka Gjonit?

The Sarajet does not currently have public hours of operation.

Is the Sarajet e Gjon Marka Gjonit affiliated with any other organizations? 

No, the Sarajet e Gjon Marka Gjonit is not currently affiliated with any other organizations and acts entirely independently. This does not mean that we will not seek outreach opportunities with various communities and organizations to help spread the news of our project and our mission. However, such outreach campaigns do not behold us with any legal affiliation or obligation towards any other organization.

Is the Sarajet e Gjon Marka Gjonit a religious or political project?

The history of Mirdita and its Kapidan has always been one of harmonious relationship with all religions. We have no political or religious affiliation. Our main focus is on promoting the history and culture of Mirdita and the Markagjoni legacy. The project is open to anyone who wants to contribute honestly and with integrity.

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