Restoring the Sarajet with a sensitive, conservation-led approach to reinstate its original historical state is a priority. We aim to design its interior to a condition that is favorable to its historical legacy as a Mirdite Kulla. The principle rooms, which form the main part of the historical interest for the house, will be open to the public.


Bringing the community together in cultural activities, learning seminars, civic and private events or simple relaxation and enjoyment away from life’s challenges. We believe there is something that anyone can benefit from the estate. Heritage can make a real difference to peoples lives. Heritage sites and buildings play an important part in how people view the places they live and how this affects their quality of life. A key component of our project is therefore about shaping the way in which the estate can be used in the future.


It is our hope that we can serve as a branch in the Mirdita region to facilitate learning and growth in any and all disciplines of study that will help contribute to the overall body of knowledge.


Our goal is to honor the history and legacy of the Sarejet e Kapidan Gjon Markagjonit as a piece of Albanian heritage, and we aim to contribute to this body of knowledge by offering tours of the land and house for the purpose of education.


Our goals are to improve the land with the help of professional horticulturalists and to create gardens that will be publicly accessible for the enjoyment of all. This in turn will attract locals and tourists to enjoy the peace and tranquility that the bucolic landscape of Gryke Orosh has to offer.

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