Before and throughout the communist regime’s destruction of Albania from 1944 to 1991, the Marka Gjoni family was the most powerful branch of the House of Gjomarku. The author narrates stories of survival and death through historical facts, personal recollections, photos, and documents demonstrating their capture, imprisonment, and escapes as the communists strive to discourage and destroy the family’s soul.

Their losses included their lands, homes, valuables, freedom, and in some cases, their lives. They were erased from Albanian history books by the regime, and little has been done to correct or teach a more truthful history of the communist killing wave in Albania.

Bianca Maria Gjomarkaj, the granddaughter of Gjon Marka Gjoni, Kapidan of Mirdita, shares insight into the emotions and traits of family members. Those that survived did so with dignity and honor, remembering who and what they represented. The Albanian Communists subjected them to humiliation, abuse, and deprivation, yet they endured. This is their journey.


Zbulimi Monumenti i Martireve, Shpal – December, 8, 2021

Every Mirditor should feel proud of their fate of having a common origin with the biggest Albanian House; the door of Gjomarkaj. The greatest respect for you lady, for the modesty of expression, analogy, but above all for the initiative of putting in place the glory of Mirdita; the rebuilding of the palaces. I am reminding you of an expression of Gjon M. Gjoni, who said in Domgjon, at Pac’s house, when he learned that the palaces were burned. He said: – “My House has been knocked down a lot, it is the third time that they burn the Sarajet. We have been tested many times in our House. We left it often and each time came back, and are still alive. God forbid, if I loose only one of my blood, we will still be able to rise up on our feet. More than for myself, I am sorry for my Mirdita”. And I add, the desire of God was, that you do not quench the seeds. Those Sarajet are the fortress of the Albanian crystal flag, they are the anthem, the forehead, the honor, the sun of Mirdita!

Our Princess BIANCA! I cordially congratulate you, to have the health in life to bring to the country a Trust, that the people of Mirdita have waited and are waiting for forever. The wise men said: “It is MIRDITA, then it is GJOMARKU, and it is GJOMARKU, so it is MIRDITA“.
With these words, we must move forward. Once again: May God be with you and with OUR MIRDITA.
Sincerely: Nikoll Zef Marka Tuci- OROSH-MIRDITE-Resident in- Brussels-27/05 / 2021-

Albanians should welcome this initiative and understand that the reconstruction of the Markagjoni Sarajet complex is the reconstruction of the institutional memory because Markagjoni is a historical-legal institution and not just a family!Plis Frengjia

Success! – Tomi Luzati

Bianca, may God give you the strength to continue this great work that you have started – Marie Prenga

Congratulations Bianca! May God help you to complete it. The pride of your Great family of Orosh, Mirdita and all of Albania – Shi Jaku

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