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Margaret Hasluck

THE UNWRITTEN LAW IN ALBANIA Margare Hasluck (1885–1948) was born in Scotland and spent her early years in Morayshire. She went to the Elgin Academy, followed by the Aberdeen University where she graduated in 1907. She continued her classical studies in Cambridge where she took a first class in both parts of the Tripos. She went to the British School at Athens where her … Read More Margaret Hasluck


Geographical Handbook

ALBANIA FROM SHKODRA TO OROSH (MIRDITA) In 1915 a Geographical Section was formed in the Naval Intelligence Division of he Admiralty to write Geographical Handbooks on various parts of the world. The purpose of these Handbooks was to supply, by scientific research and skilled arrangement, material for the discussion of naval, military, and political problems, as distinct from the examination of the problems themselves. … Read More Geographical Handbook


Italian Touring Club

FROM SHKODER TO OROSH FROM SHKODRA TO OROSH (MIRDITA) The following is a write up from the Italian Touring Club, published in Milan, Italy 1940. It encompasses travel guides, maps and recommendations for anyone who wanted to travel to Albania. On page 168 one can find reference to Orosh, Mirdita and the Sarajet of the Kapidan along with a general description of the area. … Read More Italian Touring Club


Giovanni Treccani

INSTITUTE OF ITALIAN ENCYLOPEDIA Giovanni Treccani (1877-1961) was an Italian textile industrialist, publisher and cultural patron. He sponsored the Giovanni Treccani Institute, established 18 February 1925 to publish the Enciclopedia Italiana (currently best known with his own name, Enciclopedia Treccani). The foundation of the Institute of the Italian Encyclopedia took place in 1925, on the initiative of Giovanni Treccani degli Alfieri and Giovanni Gentile. Over time, Treccani has accompanied … Read More Giovanni Treccani


Ann Bridge

SINGING WATERS (pg 31) “At Torosh (Orosh) there is a great church, and a mitred Abbot. That is another thing to see—High Mass on Whit-Sunday in the church at Torosh. Again, all the people come from miles around in costumes of very great beauty, and fill the church with the glory of their clothes and of their conscious devotion. It is one of the … Read More Ann Bridge

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