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ZBULIMI MONUMENTI I MARTIREVE Today we unveiled the newly restored Martyrs Monument in Shpal, Mirdite. This was the first event sponsored by the “Sarejet Kapidan Gjon Marka Gjoni”. Below is the text which was given at the ceremony. It is written in Albanian, English and Italian. Kapidan Mark Gjomarkaj, Kapidan Llesh Gjomarkaj, Major Nikoll P. Gjomarkaj, Tun Nikolla, Mark Bajraktari, Frrok Gj. Vokrri, Preng … Read More MONUMENTI I MARTIREVE


Rosita Forbes

IN THE LAND OF THE UNWRITTEN LAW Rosita Forbes, née Joan Rosita Torr, (1890 – 1967) was an English travel writer, novelist and explorer. In 1920–1921 she was the first European woman to visit the Kufra Oasis in Libya (together with the Egyptian explorer Ahmed Hasanein) in a period when this was closed to Westerners. She was the daughter of a British MP, was an indomitable and widely-travelled adventuress … Read More Rosita Forbes

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